Marcelo had been overweight all of his life and was in chronic pain for years after being diagnosed with a herniated disk.  He tried everything to ease the pain and avoid surgery, from painkillers to different therapeutic treatments, but nothing worked.
After starting on his weight loss journey, he decided that he needed the support and expertise from a personal trainer to help him along the way.

Marcelo said: “I've been overweight all my life and three years ago I started feeling a sharp pain on my back. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and the chronic pain lasted for two years. I tried a lot of things in order to ease my pain. I've tried working out on my own, chiropractic treatment, painkillers, the McKenzie method in order to fix me up and it was all a waste of money and time since it did not improve my overall condition. The last thing suggested was working out and I was willing to do anything in order to end the excruciating pain and avoid a surgery.  
I started my body transformation process in a different gym and when I moved to Nottingham the first thing I did was to look for a good place that had focus on personal training. That's when I found M10. 

Matteo results m10 personal training
 I’ve stopped making excuses….
My mindset has totally changed. I’ve stopped making excuses and to fret on my appearance, weight and pain. Working with Stan made me realise that the only thing that was stopping me from reaching a healthier life was me. It is a lesson that I’ll take through all my life. 
Matteo results m10 personal training
My back pain stopped….
After diligently following the training program I can proudly say that back pain stopped and on top of that I've also lost a lot of weight. Being almost 60 pounds leaner without losing muscle and all my clothes being SO big on me are a just plus. 
The worst part was at the start because I still suffered from the back pain. It was really hard for me to get focused and train and I was afraid of the injury getting worse, but I got past that by following the training program made by Stan. 

What makes me come back to M10 every day….
I've learnt a lot about how my body works, what kind of exercises I can do without injuring myself and that I can achieve anything that I desire if I work hard for it. What I enjoy the most is that M10 is like a family. Everyone, from personal trainers to clients, will motivate you to achieve your goals and push you further. That makes me come back every single day.”
A few words from Stan….
M10 coach, Stan Didi said: “I will start with saying how super proud I am of Marcelo because he is a completely different man today. Marcelo came to M10 with a lot of back pain, bad lifestyle habits, bad relationship with food, low confidence and I can keep going…. You need to understand that Marcelo had extreme lower back pain for years. And even though Marcelo's goal was to lose the weight. I knew that without fixing his back issues he was never going to be able to change. It was so important to undertake his initial body assessment, and this allowed me to create a specific training program to get Marcelo pain free. After that Marcelo had full trust in me and we could move forward. Marcelo is without the pain till this day AND he has lost almost 60 pounds, living his best life, with more to come!”

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