Marks 14 Day Extreme Fat Loss Project

Here are the results of when I did my own fat loss plan 8 weeks ago.

During this program I gained 1.5 lbs of lean muscle mass and dropped from 10.6% Body fat to 7.4%. If I deliver a fat loss system to you, I make sure I do it too!!

Every year I like to do a full body fat strip down, it allows me to build more muscle mass in the long run and serves as a great detox to my system too.

Day 1 Day 14



I made a couple of adjustments to the LHP Performance System that I deliver to my fat loss clients, but the bulk of it was the same. I've been asked by so many people about the type of training I did to get in this shape. They were very surprised to learn that I hardly did any traditional cardio.

Fat loss can easily be achieved by using a smart approach to nutrition, supplemention and a structured strength training program.The results you see below were from doing intense strength training using a system popularised by world renown strength Coach Charles Poliquin.

The system is called German Body Composition Training. The approach is very easy to follow but trust me, if you do it right its a killer. The lactic acid produced from using this program literally strips fat off. The way the system works is you work 2 exercices back to back and then take your rest which is normally a maximum of 60 seconds. It is best to pair a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise throughout the program. I added two 20 minute interval training sessions on the rower at the end of sessions 1 and 3 each week and that was all the "cardio" work I did.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of fourteen day fat loss, follow the link for more information, you won't be dissapointed.

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