Martin had been going to the gym for a while and was using basic workout plans in an attempt to gain muscle mass, but struggled to see the results he wanted. 
He soon realised that he needed some professional guidance and a more personalised approach with his nutrition and training plans. 

Martin said: “When I was younger, I was overweight and then very quickly lost a lot of weight and went too far the other way. I spent most of my childhood being either the 'fat kid' or the 'skinny kid'. This motivated me to join the gym in the first place. I started to put on some muscle but then quite quickly plateaued. This was because I wasn't getting any guidance on food and was just eating what I thought was right. It's become so apparent that training and diet go hand-in-hand.
The Personal Approach...
Before working with a personal trainer, I'd been at a gym where they gave you a basic workout plan but it didn't feel very tailored to my individual goals. I was letting work get in the way and finding excuses not to go, as I was only accountable to myself. I'd lost motivation to do it on my own.
The reason I decided to hire a personal trainer as I got to the point where I was doing the same routine at the gym and just wasn't seeing the progression I wanted on my own. I'd always been the type of person who would push myself so far and then stop and I often struggled to go past my comfort zone. I knew I needed someone to help push me to that next level. I trained with Lee for around a year before he joined M10 and it seemed like an exciting opportunity to move with him.  I’ve now been working with him for over 18 months.
My Results In Numbers...
Over the past few months we've been working really hard to reduce body fat and to get me lean for a beach holiday. Lee promised to get me in the best condition of my life and he did just that – I went from 18% body fat to 7% body fat in 14 weeks. We are now moving in to a period where I want to gain size. I've always struggled with that but I'm confident Lee will get the results.

Martin M10 client body transformation Martin M10 client body transformation
Ever since training with my coach, people have commented on how much my form has improved and I've started noticing it in other people much more now too. Everything has clicked since joining M10 and I have a much better understanding of why I'm doing each exercise. My knowledge of food has also increased massively.
Accountability Has Been Key....
I've also pushed myself so much further than ever before. It's been hard to keep things up when I'm training on my own but being accountable to Lee, as well as myself, has made a big difference. I'm not pretending I've been perfect all the way through but, when I have had blips, I've been honest with Lee and we've worked through it together.
My coach Lee has been a legend. I don’t have enough words to tell you about everything that he’s taught me. Although, the main thing he's taught me is that change is possible. It takes hard work and isn't going to be easy but if you want it, you can certainly achieve it.  The facilities at M10 have helped me take things to a new level. I've found a personal trainer who is both a mentor and a friend and that has made this whole journey really enjoyable for me. We're a great team!
For anyone who wants to make a change - there's no point sitting just thinking about it as that won't make it happen. Take positive action!”
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