Martin is turning 40 in 2023 and wanted to get in the best shape possible before that.

After training with M10 senior coach Jack Haigh for 2 years, Martin knew that Jack is the only person he trusted to help him get as lean as possible for a photoshoot.

m10 client Martin transformation

Let's start at the beginning...

"I’ve been training with Jack for the last two years. I turn 40 in 2023 and wanted to really challenge myself in the last year of my 30s, getting my body into the best shape of my life before the big 40. 

I’ve really learned to trust in Jack and he’s taken the time to understand me and understand what both motivates me, my perceived barriers, and how I learn best. I knew without a doubt he would be the best person to get me to where I wanted to be. 
We discussed my goals and decided to aim for a photoshoot to document results, deciding that a slower prep process, over the course of 16 weeks would be the best option for me.

Before even getting to that stage we went through a build process so we had a solid starting point.  

Before deciding to go down this route, Jack spent time talking me through the process. He’d been through it himself so was able to offer real insight. I went into it fully understanding the challenge ahead.

Because of the time I’d spent with Jack over the last two years, my knowledge of nutrition and training was the best it had ever been, meaning I really understood every part of the 16-week process and was able to take ownership of it, expertly guided by Jack."

m10 client Martin transformation

Change does not happen in your comfort zone...

With my training, I’d always push myself to a certain point and then pull back. I was apprehensive about stepping out of my comfort zone and always thought I didn’t have the willpower to commit to something like this. I’d always resisted too much change, I felt comfortable in my normal routine and often used time as an excuse – “I don’t have enough time to fit extra stuff in”. 
This meant I’d always get to a certain point when cutting etc, which there was nothing wrong with, but for me, it lacked the ‘wow’, mainly because I was always wondering what I could achieve if I pushed myself further. "

m10 client Martin transformation

Working with Coach Jack...

"Sometimes you meet someone who knows how to boost your confidence and knows how to get the best out of you – they just get you. Jack is one of those people and he gave me the confidence that I could do this and that by working together, we could push things further than I’d gone before. 

Communication is key and Jack has been by my side through every step of the process. He’s encouraged me to take ownership and spent time educating me about nutrition, training, and the intricacies of the process so I’ve understood what is happening to my body throughout."

m10 client Martin transformation m10 client Martin transformation

The results...

"Early on I explained to Jack that I wanted to get lean for the photoshoot but without losing too much size. We were realistic that some size would be lost but that we would aim to maintain as much as possible. 
Prior to the 16-week cut, we spent a few months building muscle mass and strength, so that we had the best possible foundations. 

We set a target of getting to between 10 and 12% body fat in 16 weeks for the photoshoot. As a perfectionist, I knew I wouldn’t be happy until we got to the 10% mark. When we reached 12%, Jack gave me the option of holding there but I really wanted to push it and make it to 10%. 

As some size started to go (which we anticipated), Jack coached me through that stage, stopping me from saying ‘skinny’ or ‘scrawny’ and really seeing the leanness and muscle development. 

We hit 10% in peak week and I was so happy. Jack told me that clients always look at pictures on shoot day and say ‘I can’t believe that’s me’. I was positive I wasn’t going to have that reaction, but when I saw the initial shots, I couldn’t help but say it. 
The results blew my mind a bit and I couldn’t be happier. We set out exactly what I wanted to achieve and pushed it even further, which was really important to me. 

Now, when I look back at turning 40, I have some amazing pictures to remember it by but, more importantly, a greater understanding of what I’m capable of both physically and mentally." 

m10 client Martin transformation

Challenges along the way...

"Self-control was difficult at first and learning to say no to things. I worried that people would think I was being weird or rude, turning down snacks and drinks, social invites etc. Once I got through the first few weeks, it became easier and I spent time explaining the process to people so they understood. 

As we increased sessions and cardio, I was worried about being able to fit things in but soon realised you can make little changes and adapt your day quite easily when you set your mind to it. Time is a massive excuse for many people but if you want something bad enough, you can make time. 

I’m so proud that I never missed a single session or set throughout the whole process. I took a ‘work’ mindset to it and didn’t allow myself to make excuses. Even when I got Covid halfway through, I still managed to do home workouts. 

One of the most challenging aspects was the fact I had two weddings during the process – one just a week before the shoot. Jack spent time with me talking about the day, food options available etc and we set out a plan. I was worried I would feel like I was missing out, but I still managed to stick to plan and not feel like the odd one out. I would go as far as saying one of the weddings turned out to be one of the best I’ve been to and I didn’t even have a drink (apart from raising a toast to the happy couple – which we factored in)! 

Hunger didn’t really kick in until the last few weeks but, having been through the process himself, Jack was able to guide me through it and helped me adapt things to almost trick my mind into thinking I was getting a treat – I don’t think I will ever look at Diet Coke and 10 calorie jelly pots in the same way ever again!!"

m10 client Martin transformation

More than just physical results...

"Above all, Jack’s given me a renewed sense of self-belief. He’s helped me realise that strength of mind is just as important as physical strength when it comes to achieving, as is the strength of knowledge. If you want to smash it in terms of physique, it’s so much more than just lifting the heaviest weight possible. 

Jack’s helped me unlock that mental strength that has allowed me to push through previous barriers – that strength was always there, I just needed to believe in myself and know how to use it. 

When I did my shoot, it was important to me that Jack was in a couple of the pics. As much as this was a personal process, it was also a team one. I could not have done this without Jack, so wanted to make sure I got a picture of the team that achieved these results in action." 

m10 client Martin transformation

A few words from Coach Jack...

"Martin surpassed all my expectations throughout this process. It’s usually fun taking a client through to a photoshoot anyway, but seeing Martin maintain a lot of his charisma all the way to the end made this journey a pleasure for me as his coach.
We didn’t use any fancy protocols, just a consistent training and nutrition programme with simple adjustments when needed. It was important to me that I didn’t unnecessarily overcomplicate the process for Martin and thus overwhelm him.
One of the most important parts of this results for me is that we’re now 4 weeks post-shoot and Martin has sustained a positive relationship with food – evading most of the horrible rebound behaviors that people face after such a transformation."

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