Matt was tired of being skinny, unhealthy and, with a sedentary job, he had started to put on weight around his stomach and back.
With little experience in the gym and a lack of knowledge of how to lift weights correctly, he started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi with the goal of improving his body shape and gaining muscle mass.

Matt said, “I was sick of being so skinny and unhealthy, and with a sit down desk job, I was starting to put on some weight on my back and stomach. I had only been to another gym a few times and had used all the equipment incorrectly. I didn’t gain any muscle mass because I wasn’t eating right, so I needed to get a personal trainer to show me the correct way to use the equipment and what to eat to gain muscle mass.
I heard about M10 through a friend who said he had heard really good things about it and that they had the best PTs around - and it’s true!
Before, I have been to my local gym but I didn’t know how to use the equipment or eat to gain muscle mass eat. I was eating small portions and not enough protein, so I wasn’t lifting enough weight on a consistent basis. The gym I was going to didn’t have any one on one sessions or guidance so it was never going to work by not eating enough calories or lifting enough weight. I also pulled a muscle in my arm as didn’t have a clue what I was doing but now, after 12 weeks of being with Stan, I know the name of the machines and which muscle each one targets.

m10 personal training client matt
My goal at the moment is to become stronger, bigger and be able to eat healthily whilst still gaining muscle, and losing body fat over the winter. Then in spring, I want to start to cut down on calories and get shredded and see the muscle mass I have been gaining over the winter months. All of this approach is something I have been taught by Stan over the last 12 weeks. Stan has helped to change my body shape and also my mindset. I now know how to gain weight effectively and lose body fat and how to lift properly. But the biggest change has been the amount of muscle I have gained over a short space of time naturally with a good diet and correct exercise. 
I came to M10 weighing 80kg and I now weigh 88 kg. I was around 22% body fat and now I’m at around 18% body fat. I have gained muscle mass like you wouldn’t believe as you can see from my before and after pictures - all of which has vastly improved my confidence I can now enter a gym and know exactly what to lift and how and when. I can now speak to the gym guys at work and know exactly what I’m talking about.
m10 personal training client matt 

m10 personal training client matt

The diet and eating bit has been the most difficult part of my journey so far. I enjoy food but I don’t enjoy making it so I have to force myself to organise my weekly meals, and fitting it around my work schedule can prove difficult attimes. I know that without the food none of this would work and I needed to increase my daily calories a lot in order for it to work.
I have learnt so much whilst training with Stan as I knew absolutely nothing about diet, weight gain/loss and weight training at the gym or how to use the equipment - nothing at all! Now I know how to stand and use the equipment effectively, how to sit whilst training, proper lifting techniques, how much to lift, what to train on which days and what to eat. So much can be learnt in such a short space of time in the M10 environment because you’re surrounded by professionals who are approachable and full of knowledge. I am genuinely so glad I did it and the after pictures are testament to how you are taught and what you are taught in a short space of time.
The atmosphere at M10 is fantastic and I look forward to seeing Stan he’s such a genuinely decent lad who knows his stuff and has taught me so much. The people that work here and the people that train here are great - it’s such an easy going atmosphere, everybody talks to one another and the music is always wicked which helps.
If you’re willing to work hard, be focussed and still enjoy the fun things in life then go for it. I’ve had constant compliments on my physique, my stance and my shoulders. I feel good about myself for once and it’s all thanks to Stan andM10.”
M10 coach, Stan Didi said “Matt came to me with not too much experience within the gym environment and nutrition. His main goal was to get stronger and gain muscle mass because he always saw himself as a tall skinny guy. Within a period of just 12 weeks, we got to work straight away and Matt achieved the result that even he didn't think was possible! Through that time, I tried to educate Matt about the importance of nutrition, relationship with food and correct execution of exercises so when he is training on his own, he knows exactly what to do.”
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