Like many clients we’ve worked with this year, Matteo needed a goal to keep him focused during lockdown.
He had tried many different diets and programmes in the past to lose body fat but couldn’t find the right approach. Even though Matteo is a coach, he felt he lacked the ability to apply his knowledge to himself and therefore needed help and accountability from a coach.

Matteo results m10 personal training
Setting a date for a gym photoshoot, Matteo was guided through this 10-week body transformation by M10 coach, Stan Didi, and lost 10kg in the process. 
Matteo said: “At the beginning of quarantine I wanted to give myself a goal to work towards, and I’ve been wanting to lose excess body fat for a while. I’ve been following Mark and the team for a few years, also taking part in some of the education events. 
I’ve never got the results I wanted….
I have been training consistently for many years, so that never been an issue. When it comes to food, I have tried many different “diets” but never got the results I was looking for, as I’ve been attracted by fads.  

Dieting has always been hard for me….
I have tried many different approaches, and while being a coach myself means I do have the technical knowledge, applying it to myself has been proven a difficult task! Lack of clarity and accountability have been my major downfall.  Dieting has always been hard for me, however this time thanks to my coach I was able to go through it much easier.

Over 10 weeks I lost 10kg….
During the transformation process with my coach, Stan, I was able to lose 10kg of fat over 10 weeks period and look my best to date! I think I got to single digit body fat while still looking muscular!  I am now confident I can achieve anything I want, all I need is guidance and a clear plan. And it also feels great to be leaner!

Matteo results m10 personal training
Anything is possible…..
I definitely learnt that anything is possible, all you need is wanting it and a clear guidance. The M10 brand gives you reassurance of results, I know I’m in good hands and I trust the coaches." 

A few words from M10 coach, Stan.....
M10 coach, Stan Didi said: “Matteo start working with me during lockdown. He was trying to get back in shape and was looking for accountability. His primary goal was to get leaner and get him to an optimal position for when gyms reopened. I knew Matteo for a while, and I knew that he had so much more potential in him and all I did is show him what he is capable of. The results are not just what you see - amazing pictures and a 10kg drop in weight, but he is now more confident with himself and this will have a huge impact on his professional and personal life.”

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