Towards the end of 2020 Michael felt he started to lose control over his training and nutrition. As a coach himself he wanted to get things back on track but also get into the best shape of his life. He knew he would achieve better results if he had a coach to be accountable to and decided to join the 8 week Next Level Body Challenge.

M10 coach Stan Didi guided Michael through the challenge and 3 weeks in, they decided to commit for an additional 3 weeks after the challenge to prepare Michael for his first photoshoot.

m10 client Michael Jordon transformation

The trust factor...
“As a trainer myself I’ve been on many of the M10 coaching courses, so I knew when it came to choosing a plan that anything M10 runs is going to be of high quality. I already had the know, like and trust factor with M10.”

A lot can happen in 11 weeks…
“Over the past 11 weeks my daily habits have improved so much. My energy is through the roof (maybe not the last 3 weeks of the prep), I’ve loved following my training plan and seeing my strength improve. Training hasn’t felt like a chore either.

I Lost 14.6kg in total and the final look achieved for the shoot day was spot on. Everything came together perfectly, I couldn’t be happier with my results. I am full of energy and love training again, it’s also reignited my interest in my own health and nutrition, something which I have been up and down with in the past."

m10 client Michael Jordon transformation
It can be challenging but you learn through it all...
“The most challenging part was the final few weeks, as the toll of prep really took its toll. But it’s part of the process to achieve the final outcome I wanted. However I found those final weeks and days really interesting as you start to see how much your body changes on a daily and even hourly basis. Those tough times were more than worth it for the final outcome and the place I’m in now to push on with my training.”

Coach Stan played a big part in the result...
“I’ve learnt loads from my time with Stan. It’s been great to have someone take control and make the decisions for you, and be the client again myself. Stan was always there when I needed him, especially in the final few weeks. He kept me motivated until the last day and  he put so much time and effort into making sure everything was right for the final outcome. Thank you Stan!”

m10 client Michael Jordon transformation

A few words from Coach Stan...
“I know Mike from our M10 educational courses. He got in touch with me with a goal to help him get back on track with his nutrition and training and eventually get him to the best possible shape before gyms opened in the UK. Mike is an experienced coach and we really quickly set up a plan where we were aiming to bring his best package for a professional photoshoot. He did an outstanding job in the last 11 weeks where he lost almost 15 kg and it’s not just a great personal achievement for him but he also has a lot of amazing photos for his content and marketing as a personal trainer himself. Well done Mike!”

 m10 client Michael Jordon transformationm10 client Michael Jordon transformation

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