Nathan is a coach and part of the M10 Elite Business Mastermind, where he has committed to developing himself personally and professionally. 

However, one area that Nathan felt he was lacking in, was his physique as he needed the experience and skillful eye of another coach, to really make progress in this area.

He said: “My business, personal and physical development all fuel each other. I’m happiest when all three are improving, so the challenge came along at just the right time when I was looking for coaching to take my body to the next level.”

He signed up to our last Next Level Body Challenge in October and was assigned M10 coach, Jewade Graham. Jewade guided Nathan through the 8 week challenge where he lost 6kg and ended with his FIRST EVER photoshoot!

Nathan Jordine transformation m10 personal training


The most challenging part of the challenge was…
“Making time for all the daily workouts around work and family was tough. There were double sessions and late cardio workouts after I put my daughter to bed that finished at 10pm.”
But the rewards were worth it...
I learned that I got what it takes to get into incredible shape.It no longer feels like a daunting task, I know what’s required and I know I can do it.

Nathan Jordine transformation m10 personal training
Nathan Jordine transformation m10 personal training

Working with other coaches takes you to the next level...
“My enthusiasm for training and nutrition has taken a huge boost. When you train yourself you can get into a real comfort zone that can plateau your progress. It’s highlighted the importance to grow and learn from other coaches.”
Nathan Jordine transformation m10 personal training
Nathan Jordine transformation m10 personal training

A few words from Coach Jewade…
From day 1 Nathan came to me with a clear objective in mind. Having been involved with M10 on the mastermind he knew the importance of taking the development of his own physique seriously alongside his business. When lockdown 2.0 hit at week 4 of 8, he had 2 choices; to throw in the towel or to lead his clients from the front, completing his own transformation. His end result shows the path he chose. I look forward to what the next year brings working together 

Nathan Jordine transformation m10 personal training

Would you like to take your physique to the next level?
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