Olly Baggaley

After seeing Mark’s results that he himself achieved from his fourteen day fat loss plan on Facebook I immediately emailed him and asked him how I could get my hands on it. I couldn’t believe those sorts of results could be achieved in just 14 days.


I’ve never done a diet before so I thought to myself that it was only two weeks so I thought I’d just go for it and see what happens. I’ve always worked out and been a regular gym enthusiast but I’ve never seemed to be able to get rid of that last 6 or 7 pounds that really makes a difference to how you look.

I purchased all the food and supplements that Mark advised me to get and just threw myself right in. I always prepared and cooked my food for the following day the night before and took the meals and supplements with me to work. The first few days were pretty difficult; I was always hungry because I must admit that I do like to treat myself throughout the day. I work near a bakery that me and the lads I work with always go to for a Chelsea bun and a cuppa tea! Mark told me this would happen because the body was going through a readjustment phase. After about day 5 it all became a lot easier as my body adjusted to the plan and it started to become routine.

With regards to working out I changed my routine, following Mark’s advice. My gym sessions used to be 60% cardio training and 40% weights training. On Marks advice I changed it to 20% cardio and 80% weights. I couldn’t believe the results I achieved.

After a week of doing the diet I felt lighter, healthier, a lot brighter when I woke up in the morning and I was even sleeping better at night. I did this all through email with Mark. I simply followed his advice through the emails and we were in contact over the full period of the program. I cannot recommend fourteen day fat loss enough, Mark certainly knows his business extremely well and for that I thank him!

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