Paul Dukes

I was overweight and out of shape due to a hectic work schedule and overdoing it at the frequent corporate hospitality events with my clients; hence, I thought it was about time I put a stop to my ever increasing waist line; therefore, I signed up to the Body Composition Training System.


To my surprise; I lost 6kg’s and 4.4% body fat in the first 14 days and my energy and stamina levels have increased dramatically.

The sessions are great fun; while being focused. Mark has been very supportive throughout the process; he has provided the tools and information enabling me to make better food choices in general; which will insure I achieve my longer term weight and fitness goals.

In short; the programme has been a great experience and education; I highly recommend signing up!

Paul Dukes - September 2010

Paul lost 6% body fat and 13lbs in weight in 5 weeks

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