Paul is a coach himself, and like with many other coaches, he started to neglect his own health and fitness. During lockdown, Paul decided it was the perfect time for a new focus in order to develop and improve his own personal training business and physique.

He joined the M10 Personal Training Mentorship to focus on his business but also decided to go through a body transformation under the guidance of his M10 mentor and coach, Anthony Barnes. 

By putting his full trust in Coach Anthony, Paul lost 20kg!

M10 client Paul Lane

Paul tried many programs in the past but none was sustainable...
 I have tried many weight loss plans in the past that have helped me lose weight, but none of them have been as effective as the plan that has been given to me by my online coach Ant.
The results in numbers....
Weight Lost: -20kg
Body Fat Loss: -20% Approx
Hips: -14cm
Waist: 19cm
Legs: -12cm
Chest: -5cm
Arms: -5.5cm
M10 client Paul Lane 
But there is more than just the numbers that changed...
"Since transforming my body and life I have also:
- Improved self-confidence, mindset & self-esteem.
- I understand the importance of a healthy well balanced nutritional regime that has helped me most effectively achieve my first set of fitness goals from start to finish.
- I have and Improved level of knowledge in physique development 
M10 client Paul Lane
 The most challenging part...
"The first two weeks of adapting to my new nutritional program and replacing bad habits to good habits (alcohol free & restricted/limited off plan meals)."
Lessons learned...
"Trust the process, both in terms of nutritional programming and training format. This is completely different from the previous approaches I’ve tried but I’m so glad I trusted Anthony’s guidance as I’m now in the best shape of my life. 
You have to be 110% committed and dedicated to the above WILL get you the results you first set out for.
M10 client Paul Lane
Looking forward to what is to come...
"This is only the start of my own personal journey both in terms of my physique development and also my progressive development in my private personal training business."

A few words from M10 coach, Anthony Barnes....
As part of the M10 mentorship, Paul wanted to take his physique to the next level.  Like many PTs, he had put himself to the bottom of the pile and allowed his health and fitness take a hit. He needed accountability and structure to get him to his goal of being in the best shape of his life. Paul was dedicated to the plan from the start and his results serve as a great inspiration to his clients. I’m really pleased with Paul’s progress and look forward to continue working with him in the future.
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