Prolapsed disk recovery

So, before I tell you about my journey and experience with M10, I am going to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Paul, I’m 32 years old, married with 2 children. I own and run a successful plumbing and heating company. However 2 years ago, I fell off a ladder at work and prolapsed 4 disks in my back. The medical team had opted to do a spinal fusion, and I wasn’t having any of it.


After speaking to my consultant, we both agreed I was young and fit enough to try and fix my back by training and strengthening my core. I set myself that task, and tried everything from yoga to weights, but everything I did hurt so I gave up.

As time went on it got worse and worse, I couldn’t tie my own shoelaces or put my socks on. Looking back at it now, I don’t know how I got through each day. 

Out of the blue, I came across M10 on Facebook, I read Chris Goldthorpe’s story (definitely a must read) about coming back from a broken back, so I decided to give them a call.

I had my initial meeting with Mark Coles. We discussed everything about my injury and what I most wanted to achieve. He immediately said that I needed to work with his senior coach, James Sutton.

At the beginning of the programme, every time I bent over or twisted my spine I was in absolute agony. By the end of the 6 months working with James, I was pain free, moving again, and in the best shape of my life.

Even though my initial goal wasn’t fat loss, I managed to go from 19% body fat and 80kg, right down to 9% body fat and 72kg.


James and M10 hit all my goals so I definitely recommend them without a second thought. They gave me my life back and helped me fulfill a promise to my little boy, that when my back was better I would start judo with him, which we do every week now!

So apart from all of the above there was another big problem in my life. I had lots of problems with my 8-year-old daughter’s behavior, and she really struggled to sleep.

I sat down with Mark and James to discuss the problem, and they both said straight away that her diet needed addressing. They both helped design a nutrition plan for her, and I took it home to put it in place.

Within a week I had a total different child! She now eats clean and healthy food, and sleeps 10hrs a night. Boom, that was another problem solved. My whole household eats clean now, and I'm taking what I've learned at M10 and passing it on to my family. Not only that, but I'm now training my wife, and she too is starting to see the benefits of the M10 plan.

If you’re thinking of training at M10, I would highly recommend it. I loved every minute I trained there, and miss the place greatly.

I would like to thank Mark, James and the rest of the team, the place breads positivity. Great team = great results. Simple as that.

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