Like many, Rich was struggling with confidence to train by himself in a gym because he didn’t really know what he was doing. 

Rich said: “The idea of working out in a gym as a beginner whilst surrounded by others filled me with anxiety”
He was working out at home but knew he was “wining” it and didn’t know when his form was bad and found it hard to progress certain exercises

All this was stopping Rich from achieving his goal which was to build muscle, so he decided to start working with M10 coach Jewade Graham.


m10 client Rich transformation

Gym environment and anxiety…
"I’d not been happy with my body for some years. Weight loss was not a problem for me as I was active and ate well, but I felt scrawny. The idea of working out in a gym as a beginner whilst surrounded by others filled me with anxiety. I found M10 whilst browsing Google maps for Nottingham-based gyms and it stood out because I remembered going past it many times and noting it was never particularly busy."

Home workouts did not cut it...
I tried home workouts. They probably built up some base strength but it was difficult to progress exercises past a certain point, or to judge how well it was working when I didn’t really know what I was doing. It also became impractical when my partner started working from home and I eventually drifted away from them."

m10 client Rich transformation

12 months later with Coach Jewade...
"I have gained approximately 8kg muscle, as well as better all-round confidence, body image, and improved knowledge.

The main thing is my confidence in going to the gym; I now feel comfortable sharing the space with other users and using many different machines, and intend to keep on going regularly on my own. I also feel happier with my body in general and have benefitted mentally from sticking to a routine

I feel a lot more educated about how to perform many of the exercises properly whereas I was winging it with home workouts and not realising when my form was bad. I’ve also learnt to listen to my body more and know its limits"


The challenging part was...
"Probably the discipline in keeping logs of food/sleep/mood etc up to date, but it was worth it as it enabled my training to be catered to my needs and adjusted if needed."


m10 client Rich transformation

A few words from Coach Jewade...
"When Rich came to me it was clear that we needed to create a structure that would be conducive to him achieving his primary goal which was to build muscle and improve confidence in the gym. 
We discussed from the outset that the outcome he wanted would take time. The first step being education around nutritional and training strategies that would create small wins to move him along the path. 
What you see is 12 months in the making. Rich is now equipped with the knowledge and understanding to continue his journey independently."

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