Rob had been doing Crossfit for a while, but had to give it up due to the injuries he had picked up along the way.  By his own admission, he also had an addictive personality and would indulge in food as a reason to celebrate or to comfort him when he was worried.
Having never followed a structured training and nutrition plan in the past, he knew that hiring a personal trainer would be key to helping him achieve his goal of getting in shape for an upcoming holiday.

Rob said, “I had a goal to get in good shape prior to a planned holiday and hiring a personal trainer made sense because I was aware that a plan from a team, that does this day in and day out, was the best way forward.

In the past, I was put off by Crossfit due to injuries...
In the past, I’ve not really tried anything specific apart from the general idea of keeping fit regardless of my goals and body shape. However, I did CrossFit for a while, but I was put off by it in the end due to injuries. When it comes to my nutrition, I had somewhat of an addictive personality. When I worry, or I’m in a celebratory mood, I would always look for high sugar and high carb foods: - somewhat of a ‘do now, worry later’ mentality when it came to my food choices. I did little to no meal preparation for my daily meals, other than eating to stay alive, and eat vegetables from time to time! I generally followed some kind of exercise routine online to keep me fit, and when I was bored with it I’d move on to something else – so really lacked consistency.

m10 personal training client Rob

What I've learnt whilst training with Dan....
Since training at M10 with my coach, Dan Smith, I've learned to be more patient - with progress, food preparation and with exercise. I have noticed that I have a lot more breathing space to tackle other things outside of the gym, such as work and family life. I don’t know whether it’s due to clean eating or adequate exercise, or perhaps both. I have also achieved some great results. I’m down from 24.7% body fat to 11.8%, I've lost 9kg of weight and I’ve dropped from a 34in waist to easily fit in a 32in. My mind is generally the same, although I'm more aware of the excess calories I needlessly consume.

My next goal is to maintain a 13% to 15% body fat, and keep on top of it with a sound nutrition plan. Though I'd also like to develop a little more muscle.

m10 personal training client Rob  m10 personal training client Rob

What I found most challenging about my transformation...
The most challenging part of going through this transformation has been turning up to the gym in spite of fatigue. Cooking pre-prepared meals for the week has also been a challenge, and the urge to resist old habits pulling me toward poor food choices. Also, submitting to fatigue to get to a desired weight loss goal has also been difficult.

The importance of having a good relationship with your coach....
Whilst training with Dan, I've learnt that you get a better outcome when you make an effort to know your trainer. An interpersonal relationship is needed for the tough days when you didn’t want to turn up. And if you think you’ve let yourself down by cheating on meals or not stuck to your training plan, say so. It can be talked through. There’s always a root cause as to what you made the slip up and then solutions can be made and progress can continue.  

m10 personal training client Rob

The best piece of advice that I can give anyone who is wanting to change is - show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future. If you don’t change your environment (at the pub every day, microwave meals with your partner, your favourite vending machine at work) you’re going to make losing weight difficult.”

A few words from Dan....
M10 Personal Training Director, Dan Smith said, “Rob came to me 3 months ago with the goal of getting into the best shape possible before his belated 30th birthday trip to Brazil. I could not have asked for any more from him with regards to accountability and consistency to the plan. We created a 12-week progressive plan inclusive of weekly assessments, calorie manipulation and training progressions where necessary. Above is the result of simple and ruthless execution of these basics. It’s also important to note that every 4-6 weeks, Rob works night shifts, so we had to factor that into our planning. Big congratulations to Rob and I hope Brazil is ready for you!” 

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