Rob is a personal trainer himself but felt his own training was lacking direction. He values leading by example and decided to commit to his first 12 week photoshoot transformation under the guidance of M10 coach, Stan Didi

m10 client Rob transformation

Having a coach with your best interest at heart...
“I have tried other so called big name coaches and all they were concerned about was taking my money and not helping me reach my goals. Instantly I could see Stan had my best interests and did all he could to push me in the right direction!" 

m10 client Rob transformation

The results…
“The results I have achieved are much better than I could have ever expected. I’m in the best shape of my life. Over my 12 week photo shoot prep I was able to drop 14KG while maintaining a lot of muscle mass! Which I would have laughed at the idea of that before! "

More than physical results..
“I have become more confident and a better communicator since starting my journey with m10. My awareness of helping other has gone through the roof! I have now achieved a physique I could have never imagined.The level of knowledge I’ve gained is invaluable! I have now experienced first what it takes physically and mentally to change your physique and maintain it! I have now found a new level of confidence which will help me grow my business!"

m10 client Rob transformationm10 client Rob transformation

The challenges overcome with coach Stan...
“The only challenging part was the mental battle I faced everyday. Training, cardio coaching and eating on plan. This was made so much easier with the help of Stan! Which I will forever be grateful for! It’s amazing what you can achieve with structure and dedication! "

A few words from coach Stan...
"It was really important from the beginning to explain to him what he needs to expect from this journey and what it will take in order to achieve his goals. I believe that every personal trainer should go through their own body transformation not just for a sense of personal achievement but mainly because of the knowledge and skills that you can develop through the process”

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