Rory is no stranger to training and enjoys powerlifting, but he was having daily knee, hip and shoulder niggles from past rugby injuries.
On his own, he struggled to reach his lifetime goal of getting his percentage body fat below 10%.
He started to work with M10 coach, Anthony Barnes and not only did he achieve his goal in 5 months, but he also saw tremendous changes in his mindset around training and dieting.


m10 client rory transformation

Leading up to the transformation with M10 coach Anthony Barnes...
"A combination of things brought me to seek personal training/coaching. It is something I had always thought about considering. I’ve always been good at motivating others and pushing their performance positively in the gym. However, I never felt like this was ever truly reciprocated and wanted someone to push and drive me forward towards my goals. 

Separate to this, I had ongoing and continual (daily) knee, hip and shoulder niggling soreness. I always thought I would need separate physio for this but wanted to explore whether it was biomechanically viable to assess and fix in the gym environment first.

I heard about M10 fitness through Rachel Thomas, a good friend, who I’ve known and gotten to know from our local gym over the past decade. She had told me how good they were in achieving her goals whilst also allowing her to develop a fundamental understanding of sports science principles."

A life long goal...
"In the past I have always adopted powerlifting and powerbuilding based protocols. This style of training has been well engrained into me based on my years spent playing rugby. Gym workouts were always focused around the compound barbell movements: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead press and row. My numbers always went up whilst consistently training however multiple injuries and illnesses always knocked me back always requiring me to build strength and muscle tissue back up. 

I also had a good understanding and appreciation of how to cut body fat through a calorie deficit. However, my knowledge was limited to achieving around 15% body fat and I didn’t understand how to achieve sub-10% body fat.

m10 client rory transformation

The challenges and the lessons along the way…
“I believe my mindset and attitude to training, diet and nutrition has changed. Understanding that I can still enjoy choice meals and the little things in life whilst following a clear and coherently structured diet and workout plan. Also being aware that incorporating cardiovascular endurance is important, whether in a calorie deficit or surplus, independent of cutting or muscle building goals.
I have learnt a lot more about how my body works and am able to listen to it much better. I have a better appreciation for biomechanics and muscle mechanics when performing exercises with the ability to actively and efficiently load the correct muscles. I have also learnt that less is more and that high volume training isn’t necessary in achieving your goals. I have learnt strategies and developed a new mindset when dealing with anxiety. 
A big challenge was the removal of all bar movements, developing the patience and trusting the process of the new style of training being implemented and taught to me."

m10 client rory transformation

Reaching a life long goal and more...
“During my time being coached by Anthony Barnes I have been able to achieve sub 10% body fat which has always been a big goal of mine. Supplementary to this I have been able to feel both comfortable and happy in my own skin. Anthony has been able to assess and identify my hip, knee and shoulder issues implementing strategies and movements to strengthen and alleviate the daily soreness and pain. Anthony has helped me approach and evaluate my anxiety in a new way which has helped me significantly."

A few words form Coach Anthony...
"Rory’s understanding and beliefs around exercise were challenged right from the start of this process. With proper explanation and a layout of the journey required to get him to his goal Rory was fully onboard. Without this we would not have gotten the desired result.
A fantastic effort from Rory. After addressing some previous rugby injuries and getting ourselves in the best possible position to push from, a life goal of sub 10% body fat was achieved. The process took just over 5 months in total."

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