After completing the M10 Elite Business Mastermind, Sajmir decided to challenge himself by getting into the best shape of his life and committing to doing a photoshoot.

As a coach himself, he wanted to learn more about the body transformation process and what it takes to really achieve a successful body transformation, in order to help his own clients. 

It all started with the M10 Elite Business Mastermind Programme...
'After I completed the Elite Business Mastermind Programme last year, I decided to do something different in my life, gain new experience, try something new.
I wanted to be in amazing shape with a goal of doing a photoshoot at the end of my transformation and I wanted to understand the process involved in body transformations. I was recommended by my mentor, Mark who is the owner of M10 to sign up for online coaching and I started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi."

m10 client Sajmir transformation

Getting in great shape for a photoshoot takes great commitment...
"I committed to 3 months of training and dieting under my coach’s strict control. With lots of hard work and discipline, I have lost 10 kg in weight, dropped my waist measurement by 8 cm. My body fat on photo shoot day was only 6%."

m10 client Sajmir transformationm10 client Sajmir transformation
The transformation was not just about the photoshoot...
 "This day was an amazing experience for me, it was my first photoshoot. I looked and felt in the best shape of my life.But the process also taught me more about what it takes to really achieve a successful body transformation. Coach Stan also helped me to improve other skills such as my discipline, planning and daily organisation. All to hit my own goals but also to help my clients achieve succesful body transformations"

m10 client Sajmir transformation m10 client Sajmir transformation

A few words from Coach Stan...

“Sajmir is not just leaving in great shape and with amazing photos but he gained a lot of confidence, knowledge and skills in this process that will help him in his career as a coach”.

m10 client Sajmir transformationm10 client Sajmir transformation


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