Sam Roberts - Fat Loss Internship

The biggest thing I’ve taken away with me from spending a day with Mark Coles at M10 Fitness is his advice to "RECORD, RECORD, and RECORD!" Basically one of the first things he asked me when I came in to see him was if I had any records of my business? I couldn't answer the question!

Looking at M10's website, the most eye catching thing for me is seeing the pictures of the great body transformations Mark and his team at M10 have achieved. This was just one of the many great bits of advice and information I received throughout the day. Here's a few other reasons I thought the day was totally worthwhile:

1-1 Learning- I've done quite a few great courses but what is so good about the internship is that you can ask what you want! You can pick Mark's brain on any subject you want to talk about and he supplies the answers!

Going through M10's LHP Performance System- Covering everything from finding out as much as possible about your clients through an in depth interview, to different levels of nutrition, correct supplementation strategies and how to structure training for fat loss.

The Gym & Training Session- For me just getting to look round the training facility was worthwhile enough; with all the great strength training equipment any personal trainer would love to have a chance at training there. The fat loss training session with Mark was brutal (I didn't pull a whitey, just went a bit pale! lol), but great to take back to my clients!

Inspiration- Mark is a very inspirational character and I came away with a real buzz for Personal Training again. Over the last 2 weeks since my internship I’ve really enjoyed putting into practise everything I learnt over the day, I plan to come back and learn more in the new year!

Thanks again

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