Sean is in his late 40s and, by his own admission, had gained weight primarily through his love of beer, as well as giving up running due to the danger on nearby busy roads.

With mild hypertension, he knew it was time to do lose some weight and that exercising in a safe and motivating environment would be key in achieving this.

He said: “I acknowledged that I was in my late 40s, slightly overweight and with mild hypertension. So things weren’t going to improve unless I consciously did something about it. I found M10 through working in a nearby building and decided to get in touch.

Most of my life in one form or another I’ve tried to do some exercise.  I’ve enjoyed running mainly but living near busy roads meant this became increasingly difficult and unsafe, so my exercise declined.  Realistically, with my brewing (beer) hobby and generally not eating the healthiest of food, I likely needed to exercise far more anyway.

I’m not a ‘sweet tooth’ and as much as my diet hasn’t been the best, it’s certainly not been the worst; in some regards it could have been considered fairly healthy, perhaps just too much of it.  As mentioned, my interest in brewing and visiting breweries, etc around the country (and of course sampling) added to my calorie intake.

Getting my weight down and improving overall health was my number one goal.  As a close second, and given the effort, I want to build up muscle tissue.  Being thin was not a goal.  Also, now I’m more knowledgeable, my longer term goals may be more detailed and get tweaked as I progress, but these weren’t goals I could have considered at the start, given my entry level experience and knowledge.

sean and stan didi m10 personal trainer body transformation

I’ve learnt so much at M10, in particular, understanding how exercise and nutrition impacts my body.  I’ve started to understand how to control and balance the relationship between them. This (hopefully) will allow me to maintain and develop going forward, but I’ve still lots to learn.  Oh, and I now feel so much better and have considerably more energy generally.

I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and the bottom line is, I’ve lost a large amount of fat so I can focus on building up some muscle tissue on a better foundation.  I can be focused when necessary but having a personal trainer has helped me stay motivated and Stan has done that very well.  Incremental steps are managed very well, and as much as you can see the differences over a zero to three or six month photo comparison, it’s not instant and you need to put the effort in. 

sean and stan didi m10 personal trainer body transformation

Having a PT and in Stan, he takes the time to properly understand the individual and work to motivate them well.  It’s clearly a two-way street as he is very driven and that comes across.  Very much you fail he fails. Since training with Stan, I’ve also learnt how to enjoy going to the gym.

The most challenging part of my programme is having mineral water when sitting in a pub knowing they have some particularly nice beer on tap!”

M10 coach, Stan Didi said: “Sean came to M10 with the goal of improving his health and body composition. Sean loves his travels on his motorbike and visiting breweries all around the country. My main focus from the first day, was to set up a plan for him where he can enjoy his passion and improve his quality of life at the same time. A big part of our work was to educate Sean on the importance of nutrition so he could stay on track through his travels and still achieve his goals. In the last 6 months Sean spent almost 2 months on his motorbike where he was travelling all around the Europe and as you can see he was still able to achieve incredible results! Sean has not just lost 15kg and almost 20% bodyfat, but with his mild hypertension he was able to improve his heart condition as well.”

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