During the start of his course at university, Sebastian had ended his long-term relationship with his girlfriend and, coming out of this dynamic, left him feeling anxious and depressed. At the time, he was overweight and would frequently drink throughout the week to help him cope with his anxiety.

Knowing that he had to break out of this routine, he decided that he needed to hire a personal trainer to help him lose weight. Last year he started working with M10 coach, Lee Owen, and has went through a phenomenal transformation – not just in terms of his body composition but, more importantly, from a mental health perspective.

Sebastian said: “During the start of my course at university I had broken up with my girlfriend who I'd been with for the previous two years. During the relationship I had neglected my own personal wellbeing and overall health because my ability to feel happy was grounded in serving my girlfriend’s interests.

Feeling anxious and depressed...
Coming out of this dynamic left me feeling anxious and depressed. I was overweight at the time and would also drink 5-7 days a week because alcohol gave me a short-term release from the anxiety I was experiencing. I soon realised that drinking that heavily for a sustained period of time was only going to make matters worse, so I decided to find a long-term solution for my drinking habits. I had a look at personal training gyms in Nottingham and M10 seemed the most appealing.

Sebastian m10 personal training client

The most challenging part...
I have gone through many challenges since starting my programme at M10. During the early stages of my programme I was trying to balance training with a very heavy drinking habit. This meant that I would be sick during a lot of sessions and put a huge amount of strain on my body. I don't miss this stage at all.

Since training with Lee at M10, I've learnt a huge amount about the biomechanics behind training and as time has gone on, I've felt myself get more and more interested in this. On a more personal level - I've learnt to be more open to learning from others. Even if this means making mistakes and admitting you lack knowledge in a lot of departments.

Sebastian m10 personal training client

The positive changes I've made...
One of the areas that I’ve made a positive change in is my capacity to be assertive during challenging parts of my life. Having a structured routine and direction which I practice on a regular basis has changed what I think I'm capable of. I am also able to communicate openly about my journey over the last few years without the same level of guilt or shame.

If you would like to make changes like me, you need to have a patient attitude towards personal development. However, don't be ashamed of asking for advice and making mistakes.

Lee has changed my life...
I'd like to stress that I can't thank Lee enough for the degree of change that he’s bought to my life over the last twelve months. The confidence and structure that his work has given me, is really priceless. My time in the gym has meant that managing university work, as well as my own personal struggles with mental health have become so much more straight forward and this has improved so many other aspects of my day to day routine and experience. Thank you so much Lee, for the work you've put in and I'm really looking forward to continuing training at home over summer and smashing it when I get back to M10.”

Sebastian m10 personal training client
M10 coach, Lee Owen commented: “Sebastian came to me a year ago, suffering with low confidence and depression. I knew after our initial consultation that for Sebastian this wasn’t going to be just a physical transformation, but a personal one too. We needed to regain his confidence and self-worth as a priority.

Believe in your true potential...
Sebastian lacked guidance and had very little idea of what direction he was heading, not only from a training standpoint, but he needed to understand and believe in his true potential and in his ability to achieve success.       

Sebastian's inactive, relaxed student lifestyle, poor dietary and drinking habits were causing a whole host of problems mentally and physically.

Life changing results...
We started by instilling positive thoughts, behaviours and routines. We discussed potential barriers - understanding that his environment wasn’t conducive to the direction he wanted to go.
This paired with the correct training and nutrition plan brought about life changing results.

Fast forward a year and from his starting point of over 22% body fat and 89.7kg, he is now much leaner and muscular, sitting at 77kg. We have achieved the body that reflects the hard work and dedication that he has applied to himself.

Let’s not forget improved energy, better focus and heightened performance, but more importantly is the fact that Sebastian is now happier within himself.

Mind over matter...
Beyond the vanity and what you can physically see, it proves that in order to achieve this transformation, his attitude and positive approach to life have helped him succeed. The areas of his lifestyle that held him back are all now in the past as these new values will now serve him well in whatever he chooses to do in the future.

We all have the potential to change, sometimes we just lack the ability to see it in ourselves until someone shows us.”
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