Seven week Body Transformation

Ian is currently 7 weeks into a 12 week Body Transformation programme with M10 coach Luke Watson.

Having spent many years lifting but failing to get the lean and cut physique he always wanted, Ian decided to enlist the help of the LHP Performance System at M10. After a phase of fixing various structural imbalances Luke was able to step Ian's training up to a whole new level. Ian had got into various bad habits from years of lifting on his own but these were soon ironed out by his coach. The results you see below are a combination of excellent coaching by Luke and strict adherance to the program by Ian. I have seen the intensity that Ian trains at and I am excited to see what his physique will look like at the end of the next phase.Ianlieversfront2

Ians results in the 7 weeks are 6% body fat loss and 7lbs of lean mass gained


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