Shane is a personal trainer and competitive handball player. Unfortunately when lockdown happened, handball came to a halt, which left Shane feeling he had no real motivation to train. Bad habits started to creep in and soon Shane found himself out of shape

This was when he decided he needed to set a goal in the form of a body transformation photoshoot and started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi. Shane lost 24 Pounds in 16 weeks and got into the best shape of his life.

m10 client Shane Dunne transformation

It was the perfect time to start…
“Once we went into lockdown, handball came to a halt and the lockdown started to really affect me as I had no goal or need to train. I started to develop bad habits and got to my heaviest weight and body fat %.
As a personal trainer myself I had always wanted to do a transformation and lead by example.  It was a great time to push myself and get the best result I could!
I came across M10 from listening to Mark Coles Podcast on Spotify and following Mark and the team on social media. Mark’s podcast and seminars have allowed me to develop as a personal trainer and that’s when I decided to work with M10”

m10 client Shane Dunne transformation
Everything wasn’t smooth sailing but with time things fell into place...
“At the beginning of the journey I struggled to get on track, as the weeks went by Stan kept in touch to motivate me for the photoshoot. During the journey I felt like I could achieve anything which is something I never experienced before. I was so determined to achieve the goal and learn how my body works which is something I can bring to my own personal training business!

Adjusting to new foods and not eating what everyone else was eating was tough at the beginning. But I actually fell in love with cooking my own meals and the change in food which allowed me to achieve the results I got! The sacrifices you have to make can be challenging and my family and girlfriend found it hard dealing with me, but they knew how much it meant to me and the results speak for themselves!”

m10 client Shane Dunne transformation

Lessons learned...
“The importance of staying consistent and wanting to achieve the goal is definitely the most important factor for achieving a transformation. Stan's skills and his attention to detail has allowed me to achieve the best results possible and it’s so important as a personal trainer myself to invest in a coach, as I believe everyone should have a coach to help and support you on your journey.”

A few words from Coach Stan:
"Shane came to me with a goal to improve his body composition and understand what it takes to improve his physique. After the initial consultation with Shane we set up a plan for his first lifestyle photoshoot where the goal was to get him to the best possible position from where we can start actually improving his physique. Shane was never too consistent with the training and nutrition before so for the first 6-8 weeks we focused on creating new habits, structure in his life. We really focused on the importance of nutrition, regular training and education about recovery, sleep and other variables. Shane really quickly understood that making a change would take some time but eventually everything came together and Shane did an absolutely fantastic job! He had an amazing experience with his first photoshoot! Shane is now ready for another phase of muscle development in the months to come."

 m10 client Shane Dunne transformation

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