Simon's six pack Body Transformation

Many people follow us on facebook or the website but they still question if the type of results we get for people are achievable for themselves.

Simon will be the first to admit that he wasn't expecting the results you see below. He like many people had confessed to eating too much of the wrong types of food and not training anywhere near enough. His initial goal was to lose a little bit of weight and have more energy throughout the day. As you're starting to understand from reading our regular Body Transformations, he was in for alot more!

Like everyone that works with us, Simon had a lot of nutrition coaching. For someone his build he was going to have to be spot on with his food intake to make sure he was getting enough daily calories. He works mainly outside so he was also coached on strategies for preparing food every morning to take with him.

Simon has committed himself 100% to our Body Tranformation system and the results speak for themselves.

6.3% body fat loss

14.8 % to 8.5% body fat Loss and 10 lbs of muscle mass gained in 10 weeks.

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Simons thoughts

Training at M10 has made a massive difference to my fitness, health and as you can see my shape. The service they provide is second to none, with state of the art equipment and amazing trainers. I'd Like to say a big thanks to Mark for getting me started and his nutrition coaching along the way, Steve for training me while Luke was on holiday, but most of all Luke who has given me the one on one coaching over the 10 weeks. He pushed me hard but also kept me motivated all the way. It's been hard work but the results are there to see. Best of all we have a good laugh along the way!

Thanks Guys

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