As coaches it’s important for us to be accountable, not only to our clients but also to ourselves, says M10 coach Dan Smith.
"Stan (M10 Coach) came to me with the goal of taking his physique to a place that he had never been to before. He wanted to understand the body transformation process, how it felt and use this to be able to relate more to his clients.
His initial starting place required me to drive his calories up, which gave us a better starting place. We had planned to go through a 16 week dieting phase, and make sure that he was ready for his photo shoot 2-3 weeks early.
His progress and recovery was tracked throughout. His sleep, stress, and energy levels were assessed every week, as well as recording his weight and body fat measurements.

6 weeks out from his photo shoot, Stan’s weight started to drop quite fast, so we used a strategic re-feed strategy every 4-6 days, which ensured that he didn’t lose lean tissue, his weight drops weren’t too aggressive, and we were able to maintain his energy levels leading into the shoot.
Stan stuck to the plan every step of the way, and these are the results of hard work and dedication to the process." (Coach Dan Smith)

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