Prior to starting the Next Level Body Challenge, Stephen had struggled with accountability and  had jumped from program to program.  He had seen the results from the previous 8 week challenge and knew that there was only one place to go.

Stephen had a case to prove to himself - that even with all of his new Dad duties going on, he could still challenge his body and break through perceived limitations.

In just 8 weeks, he lost almost 12kg and completely transformed his physique, under the guidance of M10 coach,Stan Didi and won the male category the latest M10 Next Level Body Challenge

m10 client Stephen Cassells
The toughest part of the challenge…
“The most difficult part of this challenge was a toss up between the cravings or cardio. Luckily I’ve had Stan behind me the full journey pushing me on and instilling more and more belief in what I was/am capable of. Stan is honestly an absolute wizard! The man is a genius at what he does. From the start of the challenge to the very end he knew what I was capable of, believed in me, inspired me, gave me quick and precise feedback and I honestly believe the man knows my body better than I do.

What winning the challenge means to Stephen…
I can’t believe I won! I’m in complete shock. The level of support I have received after people had seen my results and said they felt inspired by them was a win enough for me never mind actually winning the challenge! This is insane. Sounds silly as well but this is something I can always tell my daughter about when she gets older and show her that hard work can get you where you want to be.
m10 client Stephen Cassells transformation
Working with M10 coaches…
I can’t thank Stan and the whole m10 team enough. Their professionalism and knowledge is second to none. I put my complete trust in the coaching process, put my heart and soul into it and feel like a completely new person!
m10 client stephen cassells transformation
A few words from Coach Stan…
I need to start with words that I’m so proud of Stephen and he absolutely deserves first place. If you think that achieving his result was easy you are completely wrong. Being a new dad, going to the lockdown through the challenge and still be able to achieve this incredible result it’s just amazing. He showed his mental strength and even in hard times he never gave up and was fully committed to his goal. Stephen lost almost 12 kg in just 8 weeks and transformed his body to the next level ! 

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