Stephen had been wanting to take his physique to the next level for a long time, but he struggled to see significant results on his own.
He also knew that he needed to make progress with his personal training business and someone to help him see his “blind spots”.
He signed up to the 6 month M10 Personal Training Mentorship programme and was assigned M10 Personal Training Director, Dan Smith as his mentor.

As part of the programme, Stephen decided to go through his own transformation so that he could develop his skills as a coach, and guide his own clients through successful transformations. 
Stephen M10 client transformation
Before, training and diet strategies worked but the results were not sustainable...
"I mainly dieted down via cardio rather than significantly reducing calories. It worked short term but my weight gradually went back up after reducing the cardio but now I am in the best shape physically and mentally."
Stephen M10 client transformation
M10 Personal Training Mentorship programme helps coaches to produce more reliable results with their own clients...
"As part of the programme I learned a lot about reverse dieting or when to use another tool to get the desired results. I had to stand up in front of people explaining my case studies which was challening but it helped my own mindset. It greatly improved my own abilities as well as my abilities as a coach. Before the program, I didn't feel I was far away from where I needed to be. But the M10 Personal Training Mentorship programme gave me insight  to set up a solid platform to work from and to put better systems in place for my business. All of this is helping me to produce more reliable results with my clients."

A bit of advice...
"I would tell any coach in my shoes to go on the M10 Personal Training Mentorship Programme or be mentored by one of the M10 team. It will help bring out the passion they have for training others and above all being able to learn about themselves.
The energy of the M10 mentors, being around like minded people and being part of the M10 community will give them a space to elevate their game."

 A few words from Coach Dan...
Whilst working with Stephen as his mentor on the 6 month Personal Training Mentorship Programme, one of the biggest underlying factors that was holding him back wasn’t just his confidence, but his inability to take himself through a body transformation and experience the journey that so many of his clients wanted to go through. With a meticulously laid out plan,  coupled with adherence and compliance, Stephen was able to get into great shape and help his clients do the same.

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