3 Steps To A Body Transformation

"Sometimes 12 weeks aren't enough" says M10 Coach, James Sutton.

Total body transformations are both possible and amazing. Depending on your starting point, it's just a matter of honesty when assessing the time.

"When Steve came to me 2 years ago, his goal was to get in shape for a photoshoot. Back then, he had multiple health issues and wasn't in the optimal place for a 12 week transformation. He wasn't sleeping well, his digestion was compromised and he had relatively low amounts of muscle tissue.

As his coach, my first job was to manage Steve's expectations and talk him through the journey ahead.  I had to reassure him that his goal was possible. He could have a shoot-ready body He just needed to commit for the long term. This is often the hardest bit for clients to digest – exceptional, permanent results take time. To help Steve, and keep him motivated to succeed, I needed to get him results early. This would keep him focused and give him the confidence to stick with the plan.

➡ Phase 1 - Reduce fat and optimise health. It’s much easier to lose fat than build muscle. With this in mind, I planned Steve’s diet to place him in a calorie deficit. It’s also true that the healthier you are, the easier it is to get lean. So in this phase we also addressed Steve’s sleep and digestive issues.

➡ Phase 2 - Add muscle mass.
The healthier you are the easier it will be to gain lean tissue. Once Steve was sleeping well, absorbing food well, and had given up his reliance on caffeine for energy, we stepped up the training intensity. Phase 2 lasted 12 months and our focus was on gaining lean tissue. It’s important to be relatively lean when starting this phase as you’ll gain some fat % as you feed your body the extra calories needed to gain tissue.

➡ Phase 3 - Diet for the photo shoot. Time to show off those gains. This is the toughest phase. Calories will be low, and energy expenditure will be high – you’ll be pushing hard in the gym. This is where Steve is today - 5 weeks into phase 3 with another 10 to go. It will be hard for Steve, physically and mentally, but he’s now in no doubt that the result will be a physique he's proud of"

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