After attending one of the M10 educational seminars, Sunny decided that he needed to ‘level up’ as a coach, and the first step he took as part of his journey was to undergo a body transformation.
He was keen to understand how to train and eat properly to reach his goals but he also wanted to learn how to drive his business forward.
He started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi, who has helped Sunny achieve an amazing transformation, as well as mentoring him to improve his self-confidence and grow his personal training business.

sunny and stan didi m10 personal trainer body transformation

Every coach should have a coach...
Sunny said: “I came across M10 from a person I know at my local gym. I heard Mark say during one of his seminars “every coach should have a coach” at this point I realised if I want to achieve great things and level up I should work with a personal trainer at M10 to develop further.
In the past I would have complicated exercise programmes, making them unsafe and ineffective, which would result in injuries and a lack of consistency. Also, I tried just eating clean but because of my high carb intake, I didn’t see good changes as quick as I wanted.

My training sessions weren't as intense as they should've been....
I also used to go through periods of binge eating where I would go through a lot of junk food thinking it wouldn’t affect my body. I would train regularly when I was feeling good mentally and physically, I thought my training sessions were intense but to be honest they were half arsed.
My results in numbers....
I joined M10 in April and started working with Stan. Since then I have lost 15kg+, total for this year is 21.5kg and around 14% or more of body fat. Being a shy person my confidence was low but working with Stan has helped improve my confidence and embrace who I am and improved my performance on the gym floor and with clients. My approach to training and nutrition has changed significantly. I feel mentally stronger and once I have a goal set in mind I’m relentless in achieving that goal.

sunny and stan didi m10 personal trainer body transformation 

sunny and stan didi m10 personal trainer body transformation

Currently my plan is to stay lean and gain quality muscle tissue for the rest of this year. I want to keep stress levels low and maintain good mental health
What I enjoy the most about M10....
I enjoy everything about coming to M10. From driving 30 minutes from Leicester and seeing the sunrise, to using the best equipment I have in my life in such a blessed environment AND I get to catch up with my M10 coach Stanislav Didi 😁
Overall Stan has provided me with endless amount of key & highly valuable pieces of information over the last 4 months, drip fed and in good timely manner.
If you are thinking of making a change then they should act upon it immediately. How many times have you said you’ll start next week or beginning of the next month and the next thing you know a whole year has passed and you’re still in the same place? Once you plant that seed you need to nourish it for it to blossom - if you’re fortunate enough to even think of making a change then you 100% absolutely owe it to yourself!”
sunny and stan didi m10 personal trainer body transformation

A few words from M10 coach, Stan Didi....
M10 coach, Stan said: “Sunny came to the m10 after he attended the M10 Practical Camp weekend. His main goal was to learn more about execution, mechanics and in general how us as M10 coaches are working. From the start, I saw so much potential in Sunny and we agreed that I would also be a mentor for him, as well as his coach. Sunny is new in the industry and because he didn't have any clients, I explained to him that this is the perfect time to improve his physique and undergo his first body transformation. He would gain a lot of valuable information from the whole process and the final results will create more exposure for him as a personal trainer.
Sunny worked hard and he did incredible job. Not only is he in the best shape of his life and feels more comfortable than ever, but he has levelled up as a coach as well. In the short period of time working with me, he has built up a client base from 0 to 25+ sessions a week with enquiries coming in frequently. Now, we are in phase 2 and focusing on building some tissue - so let's see where he will be in the next few months!”

Take some time to watch the below video as Sunny shares his story and what he achieved at M10.


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