Tarun has been overweight for years. He never really exercised because he did not know how to and never saw results when he did. Nutrition wise he did not care about how he ate and would binge eat over weekends. This left him feeling horrendous.

At first Tarun tried quick fix programs without seeing results and said “ They appealed to me because firstly you are blinded by the results and on the face of it they seem to deliver quick results.”

He admits that in the past, looking for quick fixes, not being fully committed and always looking for excuses why programs didn’t work stood in his way to making a true change.Tarun said ‘It was hard to face reality and also harder to find the real motivation to do something about it.” 

This time round I had made the decision that enough was enough and it was time to join M10 as they are the best in the business in my opinion especially when it’s on my doorstep.”

That is how he started working with M10 coach, Dan Smith and got into the best shape of his life...
“My body composition has completely changed and I am now more confident because of it. My total weight loss over the course of the programme has been just over 3.5 stone. My body fat when starting this process was over 28% and I finally achieved my goal of being below 10% and finishing on 8.7%. And because of this none of my clothes fits anymore which isn’t a bad problem to have :)"

Tarun's transformation m10 personal training

New habits were formed which not only lead to a body transformation but also a new outlook on life...
"My whole outlook on life has changed.When I first started this journey it was all about my body, I never realised the impact it could have on my entire life.
My relationship with food has seen the biggest change. I now feel confident eating the right type of food to fuel my body and knowing that I can still have the occasional treat and not feel guilty. 
I was always low on energy as my sleep was terrible and generally tried to function on 5 hours sleep per night. This lead to slow starts in the morning and generally having to work late into the evening to make up for things. Now I am able to sleep at a sensible time and feel good getting a minimum of 7 hours, this means I am now far more productive from the start of the day and now that my food is on point my energy levels stay consistent throughout the whole day."



Tarun's transformation m10 personal training

What was lacking before...
"The problem I found with so many quick fix programmes is that they are unsustainable and focus only on what the scales say. Time after time I was disappointed and gave up on trying to obtain any real results.Also many of the methods I had previously tried lacked the personal interaction needed, there was nobody to guide me and discuss how I felt and what was needed."

Having an expert coach plays a critical part in a successful body transformation journey…
"Dan’s practical methods/approaches have proven helpful to me in changing old habits many of which I have struggled with for years.This is where the real value in coaching comes in. He knows when to push me and doesn’t hesitate to give me a tough time when we both know I deserve it but also knows when to be empathetic and supportive. A critical part of my success is down to this relationship which has allowed me to enjoy the journey with a clear vision throughout. I honestly can not thank Dan enough."
Tarun's transformation m10 personal training
True change starts with this...
"I think it is important to start this journey with the right mindset. You need to be willing to change and make positive sacrifices and most importantly trust the process. Before starting this process the only person holding me back was myself, constantly making excuses and allowances for the way I was because that was easier than wanting to change or knowing how to change. In order to achieve results we have to stop making excuses as to why not and start by being accountable for what we do and knowing you have a great coach in your corner to guide you will help."

Being educated along the way and accountability helps with progress...
"Having sessions twice a week really helped and allowed me to get the best out of my training with Dan there to support me. Every session I learnt something new or how to execute an exercise better which enabled me to feel more confident on days when I trained at my own gym. The most important part for me though was the weekly check ins. To me it was important to be held accountable for what I had done during the course of the week and to discuss progress. The whole environment at M10 is positive, everyone is friendly and welcoming and the buzz around the place makes you feel good.However on some days I would question Dans music choice :)"

What’s next….?
"When I first started my aim was to get my body into a shape I felt happy with. As the programme developed and I saw quick results my aim was to get down to a single figure body fat percentage and obtain the best shape I had ever been in. I’m now looking forward to the next stage where I can start to build on my physique and add some size whilst remaining lean."

A few words from Coach Dan…
“Tarun is an absolute pleasure to work with. His work ethic and commitment to his start goal never wavered. He made the sacrifices necessary to change not only his body but also transform his life”

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