Testimonial - Mark Wisbey (Shoulder rehab)

I will never forget the day Mark came in to see me, he was so low and in constant pain. I had never seen a shoulder with such poor range of movement and with such tissue damage. I was Marks last resort and I assured him that I wouldn't let him down.

Here's Marks journey in his own words:

I was discharged from the military following an accident that left me with a false shoulder and various other injuries. My movement was such that I struggled to perform simple tasks such as shaving and changing a light bulb. After surgeons advised me that I could expect 60% upper body movement at best, I despaired and struggled for nearly 20 years and endured 6 further operations to improve my mobility, stability and  to combat general wear and tear with no avail.


Finally when I thought all was lost and had resigned to a life with constant pain and difficulties moving, a friend recommended that I go and see Mark Coles at M10 for help. I was advised that Mark has had a lot of success with shoulders and I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. After my first consultation with him, I left full of hope for my the future. Following a careful assessment of my medical history, Mark contacted my surgeon (Professor Angus Wallace) and he asked him if he could carry out an immediate review.


Thanks to Marks suggestion it was discovered that I needed another operation to replace my ball joint. After my surgery I had to wait 6 months before contacting Mark again. He suggested that I firstly completed 8 sessions of physiotherapy with his in house physio (Alison Bates) before training with him would commence. The physiotherapy given to me by the NHS was very substandard and seemed to be causing me more harm than good.

The in house physiotherapy I received on Mark’s recommendation from Alison was excellent, so much so that when I went to the NHS for my post-op check I aced all exercises I was asked to perform. Never had I experienced this in all of the years I have been struggling. The physiotherapist for the NHS had never seen such a fast recovery and to such a high standard in both range and strength.



Mark showing excellent form in the cable face pull (part of his phase 3 rehab program)

6 months into my training regime, I have never felt so good. Changes made to my diet, exercise and determination have got me to the stage today, where I can now lift my arm above my head; something I haven’t been able to do for 20 years! My whole life has changed; no more neck pain or cocktails of prescription painkillers. I have increased range, strength and mobility in my shoulder, which has given me a new, positive lease of life.

I would recommend Mark Coles of M10 to one and all. The impact that his work has had on my life is phenomenal. The change that he has implemented is extraordinary, I have gone from having no hope of mobility to more mobility than I have had for two decades.

I cannot thank him enough.

Mark Wisbey

(Keep a look out soon, I'll post a video of Mark doing an exercise that he never thought he'd ever do again)

Here's another testimonial from one of Marks professional athletes that he worked with last year.

Danny Meyers - Nottingham Panthers and Great Britain (Shoulder rehab)

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