Tom Hill - 18lb lean mass gain in 12 weeks

These results were achieved in only 12 weeks. Read Toms story below


After finishing university with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, I approached Mark for some advice on the route I should take to becoming a personal trainer. The advice was simple, which was to train, get in shape and familiarise myself with the different techniques of training used within a gym environment before anything else. As Mark put it simply, if you want to "Talk the Talk, you got to Walk the Walk"

So I signed up to his 12 week Body Transformation programme and soon found out that I wasn’t ready to become a personal trainer, just like he said!! Mark assigned me to work with Steve, after my assessments I learnt that my posture was poor, I had many muscle imbalances between left and right and my body fat was 14.6% (This was mainly from drinking beer and eating too many carbohydrates). Mark informed me that if I wanted to be in shape I had to first get to below 10%. I attended my first nutritional consultation with Mark, he gave me a diet to follow and advised me on the appropriate supplements I was going to need to help with my transformation.


Once the food side of things had been explained to me, it was now time for the training to begin with Steve. Being a rugby player, I thought I would be able to handle the first one hour session. All I can say is "I was very wrong!" Steve pushed me hard as I expected, the end result was that I managed only a 40 minute session before I was head over the sink and throwing up. It was a little embarrassing, Steve informed me that this wasn’t the first time this had happened! This was my "Breaking in Session" and Steve certainly showed me that most people never train hard enough!!

From this point onwards I have not looked back and my training has gone from strength to strength. I’m hitting max reps, putting myself through the pain and enjoying every minute of it! I could not believe that in my first session I was lifting 35kg on the lat pulldown, scary enough I had to share the same weight with one of Marks female clients in the same session!! Soon after, I was up to 80kg on the same exercise which is a huge improvement for me. My posture has improved unbelievably and my body fat has dropped 5%!

The results I’ve achieved have been made possible by strictly following all the training, nutritional and supplementation advice the guys have given me. Steve is a great coach and has pushed me every workout to make sure I have been continually making what he keeps calling “gains”!

Mark did tell me that I'd see extra benefits from the programme, but I didn't expect to be sleeping so much better at night time, I can get out of bed with ease whereas before I had no energy due to a poor diet, I feel much better within myself and I constantly have a smile on my face.

This has all been made possible by having a strong working relationship with Steve, Mark and Luke at M10. They make you feel very welcome and even though the work is hard I really enjoy being there. The program caters for your personal needs and in no time your goals are reached. You need to work hard and be dedicated to achieving results. I would strongly recommend that you go down to meet Mark and learn what his program can do for you too.

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