Training on his own, Tom wasn’t achieving the physique he was hoping for. He’d gained weight after an operation, and knew that he lacked knowledge of how to train and eat to achieve his fat loss goals.

With the goal of transforming his body, but also improving his health, Tom started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi.

m10 client Tom transformation
How it started…
"I've tried training both on my own and with other people, I've tried creating programmes for myself and steadily increasing the weight on the exercises. i don't think they worked as my nutrition didn't change to match my training and i never stuck to these plans as I didnt have confidence that they'd work. I came across M10 by searching for gyms and PTs in town, and saw M10 had really good reviews so looked on their website and social media to find out more."

m10 client Tom transformation
The missing link... 
"My nutrition has changed a lot. Before I never counted carbs, protein, fat, etc, and never had a meal plan to suit my training, but with Stan my diet was much cleaner and was adapted to aid what i was doing in the gym"

The result...
"Since working with Stan my bodyweight has dropped from 89kg to 67kg, with the majority of that 22kg being body fat. While working towards these results I felt more motivated to train than I ever have before as I could see I was making good progress and getting close to achieving my goals. as I've improved my physique I've become more confident as I feel better about the way I look"
 m10 client Tom transformation
The challenges...
"The lockdowns were definitely the most challenging part of my time working with Stan, as I sometimes struggled to stay motivated whilst gyms were shut and I had to try and train at home and also maintain good nutritional habits. Another challenging time on my programme was changing my nutrition as I never eaten as well as required to achieve my fitness goals, so changing my eating habits was initially tough."

A few words from Coach Stan...
"Tom has always been active with playing football and going to the gym. But he was never satisfied with his body shape and he struggled to progress. He came to the M10 with the simple goal to improve his physique and health. After a couple of weeks working with me he understood that his goals are not just about the training. He learnt about the importance of quality nutrition, recovery, sleep and many more variables to achieve his goals. All this knowledge helped him to go through the lockdowns which was a difficult time for a lot of clients regarding motivation and mental health. But because of these changes Tom was able to progress even in these times and eventually lost 22 kg. He couldn't even believe what he achieved and now he is in his best shape. He is healthy, he feels amazing and now he can just continue to improve. Well done, Tom."

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