Training out of your comfort zone

Training with James should come with a warning "Be prepared to buy a new wardrobe"

I came across M10 around 6 months ago whilst doing some research, and I was amazed by the transformations on the website.  After a little thinking I made contact with Mark Coles.   After meeting him I was blown away by his passion for the sport and his eagerness to work with me. Mark assigned his senior trainer James Sutton to the mission of getting me below 10% body fat.   

James and I were introduced, and a week later we had a consultation and began personal training in Nottingham.  That’s where I had a shock!  No more oats for breakfast.  He wanted me to eat Steak! My initial responce was "this guy must be mad" however I gave it a go and have not looked back since.  No longer did I need to nap in the afternoons, I was full of energy.  Within a few weeks the fat was dropping off, I was getting stronger, looking leaner and feeling full of energy upon waking and throughout the whole day.  All this whilst still eating loads and I mean loads of food.  So much so, that I struggled at times to fit it all in. 

5 Months later and I'm down 13.6% body fat & officially sub 10%.  More impressively I’ve gained 5KG of lean mass.  Everyone comments on the change and as they say "if you look good, you feel good" this is defiantly true.  One of the best things someone said today was "you look 10 years younger" I'll take that!!


Throughout the entire time James has kept me going.  He has willingly given advice and drip fed my thirst for knowledge.  Never getting annoyed at my endless questions and believe me I ask a lot.  He has pushed me to levels of training I never knew existed.  I used to think I trained hard, but now James has taken me to a whole entire new level.  James is an awesome trainer and a top bloke.  If you’re looking for someone to make you fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier & full of energy & confidence, James Sutton is your man.  He has massively improved my life & my transformation has been somewhat life changing. 


I have really enjoyed my time at M10, and I will certainly be keeping in touch and continuing my training with them.  Its only July and I'm excited to see what James & Mark have planned for my next holiday in April!

Thanks to all the trainers for being so welcoming.  Reid, Lisa, Danny, Mark and especially to James for everything. 

See you all soon, can't wait


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