When Ussman looked back at pictures of himself one New Year’s Eve, he realised that he had let himself go and had gained a lot of weight. Seeing himself standing next to friends, he felt uncomfortable about his size and this was the main driving force in him hiring a personal trainer. He came to M10 with the goal of making long term, sustainable changes to his body and lifestyle.   

Ussman said: “When I saw pictures of myself one New Year’s Eve, I realised I had let myself go again and I got to the point where I felt that I needed a personal trainer. Seeing myself standing next to my friends and partner was really eye opening - I was twice the size of them!
I knew I was gaining weight as I was back to buying size 40 inch plus trousers but the realisation didn’t hit home until I saw the pictures. In hindsight, there were a lot of markers I should have taken notice of such as joint pain, mobility issues, poor gut health, lack of sleep, etc. 

My Previous Experience With Personal Trainers...
I had been following M10 on social media for over 12 months or so before I decided to invest my time, effort and money. I've always known it was there but thought it wasn't for me as I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it and that it was an extremely pretentious place to go to.  However, that all changed when I started following Mark and the coaches at the gym. I got a really good insight into what M10 was about. I've always been intrigued by personal training and, if I’m honest, my previous experience with personal trainers has been very negative. I have been a member of large commercial gyms for a number of years and watched others wasting their money with PTs who were not interested in the client at all, this put me off until I did my research and came across M10.

I've lost weight before and that was through crash dieting, yo-yo dieting, extended cardio sessions including HIIT, fad diets - the list is endless. In terms of increasing muscle mass and strength I've followed stuff like a 5x5 plan and made various attempts at 'bulking'.  None have been sustainable and did not give me the solid foundations I have developed whilst working with Lee at M10.

ussman m10 personal training client

My Relationship With Food...
I have a love/hate relationship with food...I love it but it hates me! I've never been able to bring any sort of balance to my food habits, which has been a huge downfall in my progress prior to joining M10. When dieting, my food intake has been very restrictive and unsustainable. I've tried the usual high fats and protein/no carb diets such as Dukan and Atkins. In terms of training, I've been training for the last 20 years, again I've followed all types of plans and exercise regimes, from HIIT, Spin classes galore...even legs, bums and tums!

My Results In Numbers...
Coming to M10, my initial goals were to lose weight and feel healthy, but now I've worked with Lee, we are confident we can achieve a lower body fat percentage and lose at least another 10kgs of fat by September 2019.   Since training with Lee over the last 8 months, a lot has changed both in the gym and outside of the gym. I've become more confident, a lot happier, enthusiastic about life in general, goal orientated, determined and focussed in and out of the gym.  I sleep better, my posture is a lot better and I generally feel more energised.  And to top it all off, I’ve lost 40lbs in the process!

Staying Consistent Was Challenging...
The most challenging part about my programme has been to remain consistent and to try and push myself whilst training alone. The food and training is actually something I really enjoy, the challenging part is ensuring I'm pushing every session and not plateauing/getting in to a comfort zone.  Lee has taught me a lot about my bio-mechanics and the correct ways of lifting. I now know how to use resistance machines to their maximum effect, ensuring I use my time effectively and improve my mobility to deal with past injuries.
If you are looking to change your life, just walk into M10, speak to someone there, let go of any preconceptions of using a personal trainer or a facility like M10. Do your research, invest your money wisely and don’t waste your money or time by not committing 110%. Be aware of the commitment that's required and always keep in touch with your coach...they're the greatest resource you could ever have in this endeavour.

Lee Is An Amazing Coach, And A Great Friend...
During this whole experience, Lee has been an amazing coach but also a great friend now. His advice and guidance are invaluable as he is always available to talk to me and make time to see me whenever we needed to get together and put our plan into action. The other trainers are great too – I’ve never met such an inspirational and welcoming bunch of people. You really learn a lot from being with like-minded people and in an environment, which encourages you to develop, grow and reach your goals. M10’s philosophy and people associated with it are infectious - you're infected by their energy and it drives you to improve, become better than you were before, challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone." 
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