M10 Personal Trainers

Welcome to the M10 team of personal trainers.

Each of us:

  • share a passion for being the best that we can be
  • we all have a proven track record of achieving results with our clients 
  • we stay at the top of our game, by committing to study and research
  • we have a passion for teaching and helping our clients achieve the very best results 
  • we also practice what we preach 

How many gyms do you walk into, that can say that about each of the trainers who work there?

If you have taken any time to read any of the articles on the website, you will know that results are the number one priority for us all at M10.

A result for you could be weight loss, it could be to improve your self confidence, and it could be to completely change your body shape. What is most important to us, is that we start you where you're at, and not where we think you should be. 

This is key to all of our clients achieving the very best progress a long their journey. 

Click on each picture to learn more about the trainers at M10:

Mark Coles

Mark Coles

Our personal trainers