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Welcome to M10. 

I’ve spent the last 15 years working within the fitness industry, and the last seven years building M10 as a personal training brand. M10 is located in the busy business district of Nottingham.  

My passion has always been to create a personal training facility, where results and a high quality of service are the number one priorities. I belive I have accomplished this in our Nottingham personal training gym. I strive to create a training environment that inspires everyone who enters to achieve their goals. We are committed to helping every single one of our clients achieve their lifelong dream, of being in the best shape of their lives. We will do whatever we can to help them achieve it.

To many people, a personal trainer is just someone who simply “kicks their ass” a few times a week, to others it’s someone who just “helps them train a little harder each week”. Time and again, I hear of trainers out there who simply provide their clients with nothing but fancy workouts that promise to deliver the best results, but often don’t. 


For myself and my team of cocahes at M10, it’s about much, much more. The system we use is what separates us from the rest.

My team don’t design generic programmes or deliver a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, they use proven methods that deliver the highest quality results – whether you’re looking for strength training, fat loss or simply nutrition advice, everything they do is tailor-made. They’re also continuously researching and studying to ensure that they stay at the forefront of the industry.

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There are very few training facilites where you walk in and see all the trainers in great shape, practicing what they preach. Walking the walk is an essential part of becoming an M10 coach, you have only got to look at the profiles of my team to see the proof of their own hard work.  

The one thing that I ask from everyone we work with, is that they commit themselves 100% to the programme. If they do, they will achieve results like they never knew was possible.



Applying Functional Medicine in clinical practice (AFMCP) - Institute of Functional Medicine

PICP Certified Strength Coach Level 4 - Poliquin Institute

Certified Biosigtaure Practitioner Level 2 - Poliquin Institute

PIMST -Poliquin Institute

Premier PTS Resisted Movement Training

Scientific Core Conditioning Check Institute

Diploma in Functional Training/Biomechanics Faster Fitness

Applied Functional Training Faster Fitness

Certified Ketlebell Trainer Optimal life Fitness Group

Premier Global Diploma in Personal Training

Premier Global Diploma in Sports injury and therapy

Continued Professional Development

Optimal Life Fitness extreme kettlebell instructor course - January 2008

Biosignature Modualtion level 1 in Spain with Charles Poliquin - May 2008

PIMST Poliquin instant muscle strengthening techniques in London - June 2008

Gray Institute - Functional video digest educational series

Juice Performance Olympic Lifting - October 2008

Biosignature Modulation Level 2 in Scottsdale Arizona with Charles Poliquin - November 2008

Coaching Weight Loss with Jonny Bowden - May 2009

PICP level 1 certification at the Eleiko performance centre in Sweden - May 2009

Biosignature Modulation level 2 in Dublin Ireland with Charles Poliquin - September 2009

PICP level 2 certification at Wasps Rugby training facility in London - March 2010

Seminar on Body Composition and Sports Nutrition by Elite Nutritionist Matt Lovell - 25th June 2010

Semi Private Internship on Body Composition with Charles Poliquin - August 2010

Precision Nutrition exercise nutrition certification by John Berardi – September 2010

Program design delivered by the Poliquin Institute - October 2010 (Dublin)

PICP level 3 Certification with the Poliquin Institute in Rhode Island USA - November 2010

Fascia and connective tissue human dissection at the Imperial College, London - December 2010

Applying Functional Medicine in clinical practice (AFMCP) - Tampa, Florida - February 2011

PICP level 4 certification in Rhode Island - 2012

Hypertrophy Semi Private Internship with Charles Poliquin and Milos Sarcev in Sweden  - 2012

Eleiko Strength Summit - Rhode Island USA - 2012

Phil Richards - Muslcebolic 2 day workshop in Bath - June 2012

Phil Learney - Female Fat Loss 2 days in London - July 2012

Y3T - Body Building System with Neil Hill (Physique Elite) - October 2012 

Matt Lovell - Nutrition for hypertrophy - January 2013 

Jim Stoppani - Short cut to size (Physique Elite) - April 2013 

Dr Bryan Walsh - Hormone Mastery weekend - November 2013

Brad Schoenfeld - 2 day hypertrophy seminar - London January 2014 

Tampa University Human Performance Seminar with Jacbob Wilson and guests - Florida - March 2014 

Phil Learney - Advanced Nutrition strategies - March 2014

Milos Sarcev private internship in Serbia - March 2014 - Check out the video

Milos Sarcev Muscle Camp - 4 days - June 2015 

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