Personal Trainer - Daniel Smith


Dan has vast experience in both the sport and fitness worlds, as well as an in depth understanding of the mechanics of the body. He uses his experience and knowledge to show clients how to train effectively to increase output and achieve outstanding results.

Having played semi-professional sport, he then made the move into the fitness industry. Fast-forward 12 years, and he's now the Personal Training Director at M10 and applies everything he's learnt over the years into transforming the lives of his clients. 

Dan said: "My passion for mindset and psychology started at an early age. From my own experiences, I learnt how to teach the mind to acknowledge and move on from poor decisions made. Helping clients understand how their mind works, and how they can overcome the internal dialogue that leads to negative behaviour, is one of the key areas I address and focus on to help drive successful client transformations.

I'm also part of the education team here at M10. I am responsible for helping other coaches perfect their craft by breaking down knowledge into applicable methods to add to their coaching practice. This ultimately allows them to add value to every single client they work with. Helping other personal trainers to learn and develop is another way I make sure that the impact I have on people’s lives far outreaches just my own direct client base.

I often get asked why I’ve stayed in the industry so long and for me the answer is easy…
  • Seeing a client being able to now play in the park with their children because they’ve changed their lifestyle.
  • Getting a text message from a client thanking me for helping them get out of the darkest place they’ve ever been in their mind.
  • Reading a note from a client’s doctor that I’ve increased their life expectancy because they’ve learnt how to make better choices.

These things are enough for me to continue dedicating my time to my clients, increase my own knowledge and share my passion with other personal trainers."

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