Personal Trainer - James Thacker

James took to martial arts at the age of 8, which ranged from karate, kickboxing and then progressing to MMA, which he has competed in since then.
His journey progressed as he found a passion for bodybuilding, which led to him competing in shows such as BodyPower and PCA, as a men's physique competitor.
His focus now is his career as a Personal Trainer/Coach, investing his time and efforts towards his clients and education.
James constantly strives to be the best coach that he can be and says: "With my sporting background I've truly learnt what the body really can achieve and the limits you can surpass. It's the mind we have to convince in order for us to reach our goals. If we strengthen the mind, create a more positive mindset and the right guidance behind us, we really can achieve amazing things"
One of his favourite mottos in life is: "No matter where you are in life, it's never too late to start"
Dan Smith, M10 Personal Training Director said: “James recently completed our 6 month Personal Training Mentorship, and it was clear that he has a real passion, competency and care for his clients.
From his interview, he demonstrated how in touch he is with the reality of his clients, which is massive for us at M10.
James’ willingness to be vulnerable and learn everything being taught on the Mentorship and during his tenure with us, makes him an ideal addition to the team. We are looking forward to seeing how James excels over the years ahead.”


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