Personal Trainer - Lizzie Bell

Lizzie started training for gymnastics at the age of 12 and by age 19 had competed at an international level. She also developed into a highly motivated, and driven individual with a fascination with the human body and its physical capabilities.


After studying Sport Science at Loughborough University, she knew the fitness industry was where she belonged, and started her journey into personal training alongside achieving her world title in Kickboxing.


Lizzie said: “From my sporting background I have gained a huge appreciation for what the body is capable of and just what can be achieved with the right coaching and mindset. I love helping people see just what their own body can do and taking them beyond what they believed was possible, by tailoring the correct programme, nutrition, and psychological approach for them.”


“Training has always been something that gives me great enjoyment and I love the way the progression and focus transfers over into other aspects of my life. I want this same experience for my clients, whilst helping them become the best versions of themselves.”

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