Personal Trainer - Richard Hill

Growing up Rich practiced a vast array of different sports, ranging from swimming to football and athletics. As a result of an injury he invested in a personal trainer to help progress his swimming career and after a year, he moved on from swimming but carried on with being coached. 
He spent the next 6 years working with a Personal Trainer from his early teens, right up to his 20s, which helped accelerate his learning and was the turning point in deciding that his passion was to help others embark on the life changing journey that he had experienced himself through personal training. 
Rich said: “My confidence, physical appearance, fitness and mindset is way beyond what I could have imagined when I began my journey, and that’s what I want to give back to as many people as I can.
After studying psychology, biology, physical education and mathematics at AS level I decided to move on and progress with a Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science, during this time was when my passion for mindset and psychology first sparked. Alongside that, I was working as a fitness instructor gaining experience on the floor with gym members and immersing myself into the professional health & fitness environment. Six months into my 1 to 1 coaching career, I had spent a lot of man hours on the floor and was entered into the “Newcomer of the year” category at the NFA (National Fitness Awards).
I appreciate everyone who walks in the door here at M10 is their own individual, and I treat them that way. Whether it’s crafting dietary guidance containing foods which that specific person will enjoy, advising of sleep routines that fit into their lifestyle, selecting exercises based on the assessment I have undertaken with that client or stress management techniques that fit into their day. 
Clients get results with me because I genuinely care about them. This allows me to develop great relationships with my clients as well as being able to analyse their situation beyond most in order to find what needs to be done to transform their body and their mind.”

‘Strengthen the mind and the body will follow’. 

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